Here are some reasons why choosing a home closer to workplace can change your life:

Many times we hear our friends and families cribbing about travelling to work for longer hours everyday? Until we have not experienced that feeling, we do not realize the pain. As per Times of India, people who travel for longer duration become inefficient in the long run, and why is that? There is simple math behind it. When you travel for longer hours, this means you are just sitting in one position, which makes you lazy and lethargic. Automatically you get tired due to traffic and as we know reckless drivers on Indian roads, and till the time you reach office, you lose all your energy and spart which lowers the creativity levels also.

Save yourself From Traffic: As per a recent survey it has been claimed that 49% of the Indians spend 12 + hours in a week or 100 + minutes each day in their car due to traffic, which is alarming.

Instead of spending hours in traffic, why not do something more fruitful? Spending hours in traffic creates a creative block, which is not good for the work quality. Staying in long traffic, irritates the person, which directly hampers the mental health of an individual and this ends up hampering the quality of work performed as well.

Spend Time With Loved Ones: ‘Time is Money’, the sooner we realize it the better. The 1 or 2 hours, which you are spending in traffic, is a lost opportunity cost of the time you could spend with your loved ones right? Rather spend those extra hours with your family and make memories. It is also believed that everyday traffic can severely affect our mental health. Employees spending long hours in traffic are impacted with high levels of stress, which can be worse.

Save Travelling Time By Working On a Hobby: Instead of sitting for hours in one position, why not pursue a hobby which could refresh your mind also at the same time? Hence, when you have a house near to your office, you can spend quality time on yourself.